Terms and Conditions. You need only register once for each band. H\n0~ The May 11th BVARC general meeting will be reviewing the work session results at the Galveston Naval Museum for April 30th. Ask our Treasurer for a receipt.DONTATE TO BVARC, Donate to the 146.94 Repeater Fund:$10 $25 $50. General, Advanced and Amateur Extra classes: Effective March 5, 2012, amateurs are permitted to use CW and phone, as well as digital modes that comply with emission designator 60H0J2B, which includes PSK31 as well as any RTTY signal with a bandwidth of less than 60 Hz. The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (BVARC) is the largest, most active amateur radio club in southeast Texas. 83 39 endstream endobj 102 0 obj<>stream 0000001381 00000 n . TAC 2 and Lein are encrypted and therfore omitted from audio feed. The Texas Division of Emergency Management shall coordinate the establishment and maintenance of the list of eligible employees.. Hams serve our communities when storms or other disasters damage critical communication infrastructure, including cell towers, and wired and wireless networks. 144.0-144.1 MHz: CW Only endstream endobj 100 0 obj<>stream The number of amateur radio operators who are eligible for leave under this section may not exceed 350 state employees at any one time during a state fiscal year. When you jump into the Ham radio world, its usually with a purpose. Please try to maintain some resemblance of an alphabetical order. The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), as directed by the Governor, is responsible for coordinating state resources in response to these threats and for advising local governments in their preparations toward meeting these situations. Amateur stations within 398 miles of an AMTS station must notify the station in writing at least 30 days prior to beginning operations. Western Rail Switching. HUKo1+8zw(nMT'iRHS;3^P!hpz~g'@h0,2V?pfW5y|4mWo,^%IMqjpILZtn`73MkDrX;?4gc,?M)`U=hJ- qtg 'k[kfbc0[J5L .+9tkP*"&:tx|Lk| Call Sign: WA5EC Radioreference.com has one of the largest databases of Amateur radio frequencies and their intended use. 24.0-24.25 GHz Becuase who knows when you might need it?I setup fieldradio.org with this passion in mind, to help inform people about the amazing possibilities of amateur radio and Im on a quest to help educate as many budding operators as possible.I hope you enjoy our content. &zaM1t{3To\itz%yf(b k 0e]#h`:jQQlBKg`3HF#Jc@nd$HcAQ{? niH~=;BdE~ G_pvu>"@r F *9qBvOQ|mV_#S(K{e2f^ssAdaSrdaW\YjcTE$PW3&`q&Ss'` = with a maximum effective radiated power (ERP) of 100 W. Radiated power must not exceed the equivalent of 100 W PEP transmitter output power into an antenna with a gain of 0 dBd. 426 Repeaters, 287 Sites, 124 Visual Links, 36 Coverage Maps. At all times, transmitter power must be the minimum necessary to carry out the desired communications. Frequencies and Channels Frequency (MHz) Channel Assignment Notes 462.550 1 Repeater Output & Simplex 462.575 2 Repeater Output & Simplex Old White Dot Ch. The FCC has granted hams secondary access on USB only to five discrete 2.8-kHz-wide channels. The State of Texas is susceptible to the effects of both natural and man-made disasters. Eaton County Sheriff and Fire. Either way, you can always connect to the membership to find out more about the hobby and the many facets it has. US licenses are good for 10 years before renewal. When it comes to Ham Radio, the only official LF band is 2200 meters. Entity Type. You can find out the relevant frequencies from National Weather Services website. 160.6200 - DS located in Falconer, NY. r\a W+) z&M7ao'''E'J_W+}M?%e'i);QtD7W>):Qv#o7~#o7~#o_"\~YQ)t0'G4>Hoo~z34^FW` All data, including non-copyrightable data, is protected from theft under Oregon law (ORS 164.377). Ham radio serves a variety of purposes. Hopefully someone will utilize these dates in the future. 0000013763 00000 n This is a big undertaking, and if you want to be a part of the BVARC Spec-Ops team, you will need to attend. rX3KG=;*.+Y\K8YcVmBkK?K1j2DRX9[TxgfH |5Y"b oEV UddiCo$[0B'M^6J]AIW}#,M NXyRkIp-+i$5f14bvmlm1[Ip.VbW}F6=ekk[KCfQjZ]JyE2i7JykwmSySdSkIY IL#F:5.-:X[R^ IyC6vmi2W D~ This means that amateurs should set their carrier frequency 1.5 kHz lower than the channel center frequency. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. You can tune into these frequencies to listen to your local hams share your areas news and updates, learn about their doctors appointments believe me, thats one of the topics and listen to them lambasting the neighborhood kids. 0000037276 00000 n For each band, only those license classes with privileges on that band are listed. Now you have the answer to your question What Ham Radio Frequencies to Listen to? It wasnt that simple now, was it? 0000006470 00000 n Premium Subscribers can set their default external media player on their MyBCFY Personalization Page. Click on a header to sort. Before you can get on the air, you need to be licensed and know the rules to operate legally. The purpose you use your Ham radio for can largely define the right Ham radio frequencies to listen to for you. endstream endobj 101 0 obj<>stream The Houston Area Hospital EmComm Radio Network (Net) meets on the air at 6:30PM local time the last Sunday of each month. 0000004099 00000 n This can be especially true in the area of communications when normal day-to-day systems are used in support of widespread emergencies or disasters. The diversity of all that is happening on the Ham bands is insane. The FCC advocates the principle that a fundamental basis and purpose of the Amateur Radio Service is to provide voluntary noncommercial emergency communications to the public. The position does (by itsnature) require someone with a decent understanding of word processing software (inserting text, sizing images, generating PDFs etc), as well as a good grasp of English spelling,grammar, punctuation, and so on. }_ lWueu_]1^,h6frT]GH 8q Previously, there was not a mechanism to allow state employees who are amateur radio operators to take paid leave in order to assist in disaster response operations, as there is for other needed state employees. State Employee Amateur Radio Operator Registry Texas Government Code, Sec. See Sections 97.305(c) and 97.307(f)(11). Click on a header to sort. Even if you are a newly licensed amateur radio operator or ham we are here to answer questions as you learn more about the hobby. H\n0yCOKJREW~4`:@u",w?6may[oEouP;20124E> Moving on. There. I want to personally thank John for editing our newsletter with such dedication for so many years (far longer than Ive been a member). By being active and committed, it has brought the recognition and status as a Special Service Club from American Radio Relay League (ARRL) which is a national organization for amateur radio. HUMO1Wq,^T*K Members have requested a place to have training and education classes. From contests to educational classes to supporting area fund raising events, BVARC has always been active in displaying the art of amateur radio. /EEu#HSJY& pAE~|8UGaqm#Ag{b:R!ui?N&=^4|>{5 l~5G[nG/gdk;}k/je|k~.uj;Mm7w1!\+LG^8_/`{{:{8WY1B0_/|.sMXKPKW7r>:p-''n@u ttqIgour[-:i8 Webster West University Place Volunteer Fire/EMS Alief Community Volunteer Fire Department Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department TDEM will not activate or deploy persons on the registry. At times, state and/or local government resources are inadequate to effectively respond to such incidents. The ISS radio transmits signals at 145.80 MHz and receives signals. BOX 2997SUGAR LAND, TX 77487-2997, 2023 All rights reserved Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club. Prez Mike (N5VCX) has asked for volunteers for the following committees (please contact him if youre interested! 3.800-4.000 MHz: CW, Phone, Image, 3.525-3.600 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data Click on the frequency for additional details. Such modes would include PACTOR I, II or III, 300-baud packet, MFSK16, MT63, Contestia, Olivia, DominoEX and others. E'E)alzD}(](SO,,UnquhcBV$f7[-D[}p/`[@CY/MQ45m\a#'CBEQ&%F'zL4 If you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device, please download the FREE official RepeaterBook app! 10.0-10.5 GHz Please dont forget there are 4-hour blocks reserved at Bayland for any club activity the third weekend of the month. So dont forget Museum Ship Weekend. This one is of significant historical significance in that we will operate on-board 2 WW-II Naval vessels in Galveston: The Submarine USN Cavalla, Commissioned on Leap Day 1944, which sank the Japanese aircraft carrier Shokahu on her Maiden Patrol and the Destroyer Escort USS Stewart that supported many supply convoys across the Atlantic Ocean and safely escorted FDR part of the way in 1943 to attend a conference in Casablanca and Tehran. 22. 5 W EIRP maximum, except in Alaska within 496 miles of Russia where the power limit is 1 W EIRP. This meeting will take place on Zoom only, and is open to all members to attend if they would like. In this first session we will be covering the basics of ham radio, essential knowledge, and everything I can put out in two hours to prepare those who attend for next training lab (which will be in person) where we will get your hands on radios and have you run through setup, logging and so on. The NTIA says that hams planning to operate on 60 meters "must assure that their signal is transmitted on the channel center frequency." 225 Main Street You can log on to www.radioreference.com, type in your areas zip code or states name, and retrieve the database. We are also looking for a new editor for the club newsletter the BVARC Beacon. For example, according to the ARRL Ham nets directory, theres a Bartlesville, Oklahoma rag chew net that operates on 444.775 MHz on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. A ground station contains a device capable of both transmitting and receiving radio waves near the 145 megahertz frequency. 0000034870 00000 n All Rights Reserved.Created and owned by KD6KPC/WREQ745 since 2006. The MSWE operations are around-the-clock and we are allowed to bunk in the Stewart. Find out when your local Hamfest is and how you can participate Apart from the technical stuff, Ham radio operators also have certain rag chew frequencies, where they share local gossip and small talk. HTo0G[6TUJKj>T ih !M%9~gFY ggO |ry' For State of Texas specific info on Amateur Radio support, contact the State Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Officer (SRO), Kevin Lemon at (512) 424-2451 or (512) 424-2208 or submit an email to soc@tdem.texas.gov. Please list Location, Output frequency, offset, and tone. 4))e&i)zffwM& 14.150 -14.350 MHz:CW, Phone, Image, 18.068-18.110 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data Entity. Windows Media Player Real Player iTunes Winamp HTML5 Web Player Static URL ($$) Online. All Ingham County, 24/7/365. What you can listen to on a ham radio eventually boils down to what frequency you tune in to, which is why it is so important to know what Ham radio frequencies to listen to. 122.25 -123.00 GHz Please also list the repeaters callsign (if known) and list input frequency of any "odd split" repeaters or any other helpful information in the "notes" column. We are looking for folks with skills or interest in helping the club take care of all the nuts and bolts that make it run. Ever since I first found an old ham radio stashed away in my uncles attic, I have had a fascination with this classic technology.Having the ability to communicate with people without the need to rely on telephone lines or networks is an empowering feeling which I believe everyone should have at least a basic knowledge of. Come out if, BVARC Photos Past events and lots of fun. Its because the chitchat, technical discussion, and emergency alert frequencies vary from locality to locality. Before we proceed, let me reiterate that if you dont have a Ham radio license, please only listen. Join the South Texas ARES District 14 Northeast Net on Thursday nights also at 8:00 PM, TEAC VHF 2 repeater (147.280). However, if you are looking to join in on some serious conversation or want to participate in an emergency preparation drills, there are ARES and SKYWARN nets that you can listen to. 0000068322 00000 n The FCC requires that amateur operators provide written notification including the station's geographic location to the ARRL for inclusion in a database at least 30 days before beginning operations. The Repeaterbook administrator(s) for Texas: N5AMS, KB0VLR. Our membership is not just for amateur radio operators but is open to anyone with an interest in amateur radio and we welcome anyone licensed or not. ) Status. Listen Live-Stay Informed 24/7/365 This Scanner Feed is dedicated to the loyal listeners of Eaton County. Answer: If the Governor authorizes the activation of the registry then a blanket email will be sent to the registrants. Frequency - PL - Location 444.875 + 103.5 - Anahuac,TX 442.450 + 141.3 - Austin, TX 444.700 +107.2 - Beaumont, TX 147.340 + 103.5 - Brazoria, TX 443.250 + 103.5 - Brenham, TX 444.425 + 103.5 - Clute, TX 443.600+ 100.0 Crockett,Tx 442.750 +141.3-Columbus, TX 442.275 + 103.5 - El Campo, TX 443.825+ 141.3 - Flatonia, TX startxref Follow the procedure I outlined above, and youll find the right Ham radio frequencies to listen to in no time. 0000006360 00000 n Remember it is truly a hobby that has only one barrier = C. 73,Mike Hardwick, N5VCXPresident713-826-6917. 7.125-7.300 MHz::CW, Phone, Image. CSX Plymouth and Canadian National Flint Subs, Eaton County Area Public Safety, MSP Lansing Posts. -c.!p. I will be giving the same lecture on Sunday and again on Monday so those with schedule conflicts can make them. GMRS frequencies range from 462.5625 to 467.7250. General, Advanced, Amateur Extra classes: 14.025 -14.150 MHz CW, RTTY/Data Galveston County Trunked Systems (17) Trunked. Advertising on this website! endstream endobj 95 0 obj<> endobj 96 0 obj<> endobj 97 0 obj<>stream This was shortly after the, Lets Build an EFHW Antenna If you attended Field Day 2022, you may have been one of the students that learned how to build an, What is the Youtubers Hamfest? Come out ifyou can, be safe, be responsible, and have a great time with your fellow hams. The NOAA uses dedicated radio frequencies for disseminating weather-related information. You can log on to, As far as Ham radio nets are concerned, ARRL has an extensive database of all registered Ham radio nets on their website. The next work session will be Saturday May 13th. Automated Maritime Telecommunications Systems (AMTS) stations are the primary occupants in this band. If you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device, please download the FREE official RepeaterBook app! 0000009631 00000 n This allocation is only for fixed digital message forwarding systems operated by all licensees except Novices. Therefore, I have dedicated an entire article to answering this question. THE HISTORY OF THE 146.88 REPEATER IN HOUSTON. The TDEM Chief tasked the State Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Radio Officer (SRO), to be responsible for organizing and managing the SAROS program and for providing guidance to state agencies that have employees who wish to participate in the SAROS program. Even though these frequencies fall out of the Amateur 2m band, your radio might be able to pick them up because most Amateur radios can receive out-of-band frequencies. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'fieldradio_org-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',105,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-fieldradio_org-large-leaderboard-2-0'); You already know that it is impossible to have a straightforward answer to the question What Ham radio frequencies to listen to?. BVARC holds VE exam sessions every month for anyone who wants to get their amateur license or upgrade an existing license. From fun chitchat, friendly banter, and local gossip to technical radio information and life-critical reports, the possibilities of what you can listen to with a Ham radio are wide. Join us for our Sunday Evening TEAC Club Net, 8:00 PM on the TEAC VHF 1 repeater (145.430) for the latest TEAC information and the weekly ARRL audio news. 2390-2450 MHz3300-3450 MHz (Access to the 3.45 - 3.5 GHz Amateur Radio allocation ceased 4/14/22) Please also list the repeaters callsign (if known) and list input frequency of any "odd split" repeaters or any other helpful information in the "notes" column. in the festivities. "H;+`-a\\&]aVuT-]e5}`Fo@2"AfjY *W6RZ=LF{UCW}*`pK6b9%+aC {xV%c%Pd5CVg 3C;ml!_]9mxVlN}i(B ]&l G@,wAp#%V=hbe],sOY^)2 YkU\v8)mbU|Ki84K%5j/Q7^g.KZ=Vj6j&g85:ja W+ Click on a header to sort. Like weather frequencies, the Ham net frequencies also vary from state to state. Freq PL/M Ty Input InpPL City Call Notes; 147.080 : 103.5: R . The following frequencies are currently used for Amateur Radio ISS contacts (QSOs): Voice and SSTV Downlink: 145.80 (Worldwide) Voice Uplink: 144.49 for ITU Regions 2 and 3 (The Americas, and the Pacific and Southern Asia) Voice Uplink: 145.20 for ITU Region 1 (Europe, Russia and Africa) VHF Packet Uplink and Downlink: 145.825 (Worldwide) 2022 Youtubers Hamfest Playlist The Youtubers Hamfest was formed in 2020 as a way to reach more hams worldwide in, THE HISTORY OF THE 146.88 REPEATER IN HOUSTON PART OF THE STORY I wish I could tell you the rest of the story, but all, BRAZOS VALLEYAMATEUR RADIO CLUBP.O. Click on a header to sort. Texas SKYWARN amateur radio repeater database for ham repeaters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. You can not only donate cash, but you can also donate equipment or supplies. Amateur radio operators are often needed to assist in communications during an emergency. The Repeaterbook administrator (s) for Texas: N5AMS, KB0VLR 0000002630 00000 n Amateurs from the ISS partner countries, in the USA, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada, have set up the ARISS program to foster amateur radio communications between the astronauts and cosmonauts who reside on the station and stations on the ground. 3.600-4.000 MHz: CW, Phone, Image. ):Membership Club Events Newsletter Web site NETSElmering Financial Committee Management. Privacy Policy Copyright 2006-2023 RepeaterBook.com. 462.600 3 Repeater Output & Simplex 462.625 4 Repeater Output & Simplex O . And to stay updated on the weather situation in emergencies, you can find, program, and listen to the NOAA and SKYWARN frequencies, as discussed above. e|?/[8iX'-Ln8ri.8rO3.vwI.9Yasc& J>!*33X#| >2frSg31{*T?c@f7Mn:eNSfOM=5yj zrtxo{lY%W"I)~  Listening to a Ham radio without a license is fine. These frequencies include: 162.4 MHz 162.425 MHz 162.45 MHz 162.475 MHz 162.5 MHz 162.525 162.550 MHz Besides NOAA, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also has some dedicated frequencies that you can monitor for essential updates. The general meeting will also be a planning session for the MSWE (June 2nd, 3rd, 4th) and develop a schedule for that weekend. Enter your email address and an email with instructions will be sent to you. Its also worth noting that, as you have the ability to tune into any frequency with your gear, you could even listen in to CB or GMRS frequencies with your ham radio. Like FD, POTA and WFD, it is an opportunity to get out of your shack and enjoy a different venue. 1.800-2.000 MHz: CW, Phone, Image, RTTY/Data, 3.525-3.600 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data This is often viewed as a prelude to Field Day. BVARC has been participating in this event since 2008. 0000011136 00000 n 28.300-28.500 MHz: CW, Phone--Maximum power 200 watts PEP, 28.000-28.300 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data That is why, we cannot have a generic list of the right Ham radio frequencies that everyone can listen to. christian school job openings, rivian senior software engineer salary,
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