Is there consistency across the year groups? WebThe main document contains answers to thirty potential deep dive questions written specifically about MFL. We provide non-prescriptive schemes to support target areas such as Fluent in Five (our daily arithmetic progression scheme aligned with the national curriculum and proven to improve arithmetic), or Rapid Reasoning (our daily reasoning progression scheme). Wednesday 29th April 4-6pm. Which objectives were embedded and revisited? Try out your answers to some of these with your line manager or a supportive colleague, so you can be as prepared as possible for the OFSTED call: How does your curriculum meet the needs of learners with SEND? Inspectors will also want to see the extent to which leaders have designed an ambitious and well-sequenced early years curriculum, how they are addressing any disruption, and how they are ensuring that any gaps in knowledge are closed so children are prepared for their next stage of education.. This is what is important. Inspection and the early years curriculum a guide for practitioners in the EYFS. Promotion of self-regulatory behaviours and understanding of self from an early age. Expect questions such as: As you can see, these questions are similar to those that might have been asked as part of the old framework, but with a greater emphasis as with the majority of the new framework on subject knowledge and pupil progression. An explanation as to areas you aim to increase independence in first across the 7 Areas of Learning and Development. It provides helpful guidance to schools about the early stages of both reading and writing, including language comprehension. There are a number of metaphorical ducks you will need to get into rows to be prepared before and on the day of your inspection. Learn more or request a personalised quote for your school to speak to us about your schools needs and how we can help. What CPD provision do you have for all staff? Do you feel supported (by curriculum leaders and senior leaders)? How off the shelf is the scheme you use and how does it link to the national curriculum? Family-owned and operated since 1956, the Burger Bar in Roy, Utah (near The aim of a deep dive is based on Ofsteds motto of lets see that in action together: to allow inspectors to gather the necessary evidence to form an accurate evaluation of how education flows from intention to implementation to During an Ofsted subject deep dive, inspectors will also undertake two lesson observations each. Well send you a link to a feedback form. Cwricwlwm Maestro is a smart online platform that helps you to design, teach, assess and lead your bespoke curriculum for Wales. Do you have pupils who need extra support in maths? Know-hows aimed to have met by the end of each year: toileting, scissor use. Wed love to occasionally keep in touch to give you guidance, information and free resources that we feel could help you. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Ofsted says the curriculum should cover the seven areas of learning in the EYFS framework and thatearly years leadersalso need to ensure that children experience a curriculum that is broad, ambitious and prepares them for their next stage of learning. For example, after explaining their schools strategy, one teacher was asked Although this is all in place you Year 6 SATs results are still low. Explain how the tasks taught link to your subject overview and what would come next. However, it says inspectors will want to understand how the curriculum in early years is built on in key stage 1. The new report adds, however, that inspectors will want to understand how schools design the curriculum in early years to give children the foundational knowledge and understanding they will need for KS1 and for the rest of their schooling. This Special Educational Needs and Disability data mirroring your provision available- if children are presenting with poor speech and language skills, how can you evidence the steps towards a. Alternatively, you can find a list of contact phone numbers here. How do you fill gaps in maths and decide on maths interventions? WebThe infamous OFSTED deep dives do require a good grasp of both the curriculum intent and cognitive science. Web17 votes, 11 comments. This is what is important. They should not wait to start teaching early reading until the baseline assessment is complete. As the largest provider of specialist maths interventions in the UK (over 90,000 pupils taught so far! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. How do you improve pupils cultural capital (and how do you ensure it)? Much like everything else, Ofsted inspections and deep dives have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. They will look at what staff teach children, and whether children know and remember that curriculum. Cornerstones Education Ltd, 6 Fields End Business Park, South Yorkshire, S63 0JF. Leadership and management. Downloadable content that provides real answers & insights. This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated. How do we ensure that children remember what they have learnt? How is your curriculum coverage progressive throughout the school? Our evidence will come from subject deep dives and/or research visits to schools. External Ofsted judgements that influence reputation and parental choice understandably can heighten feelings of stress and worry. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Most teachers were asked what interventions they had in place, with a particular focus on interventions for pupil premium children. During the phone call, Ofsted will confirm logistical and organisational details, as well as timetables for the following day. It comes as a new statutory framework for the early years foundation stage is being introduced by the government. Staff are encouraged for professional contribution and a culture of support and progression promoted. Ofsted recently published a document, The EYFS in Schools, to answer questions and put early years leaders and practitioners at ease. Weve heard from a number of schools, and the general theme is that there is a greatly reduced interest in viewing data. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Questions, 56 pre- and post-topic diagnostic assessment, How To Use The Third Space Maths Hub To Find The Resources You Need In Minutes. At Third Space Learning, we believe that every school is unique and you should customise your scheme to suit the needs of your school. The DfE published The reading framework in July 2021. Curriculum Maestro is a smart online platform that helps you design, teach, assess and lead an outstanding primary curriculum, all from one place. Theyre used by Ofsted to gather evidence of the Intent, Implementation and Impact of your curriculum. How Ofsted will inspect Reception classes next year. The change from a data-led Ofsted to one that focuses on the curriculum has left teachers concerned about what information to collect and how to track pupil progress. Inspectors do not expect to see documentation other than that set out in the EYFS framework. WebWhether youre using a bought-in music scheme or creating your own from scratch, you are going to need a comprehensive curriculum plan to discuss in a deep dive inspection. Fieldwork was much stronger in the early years and key stage 1. The section on children at risk of reading failure may also be particularly helpful to schools supporting individuals who need extra help to get back on track. This can help identify which pupils will benefit most from thespecialist one-to-one maths interventions from Third Space Learnings maths tutors. The more words children can use, the easier they will find making sense of what they read. These comprise three prime areas -communication and language;physical development; and personal, social and emotional development -then four specific areas:literacy;maths;understanding the world; and expressive arts and design. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Very few schools were working with secondary schools (or junior/middle schools in the case of infants schools). Theres no avoiding it; having a well-sequenced, ambitious and connected curriculum is one of the most critical priorities for primary schools in England. Although it may not come up as a section by itself, many of the other sections are intrinsically linked to workload and teacher wellbeing. Whatever system schools have in place for assessing young children should not take adults away from those important interactions. Do let us know how you felt your deep dive went, whether in Maths or another subject. This limited the precision with which primary schools set their curriculum goals and make sure pupils are properly prepared for the next phase of education. Bear in mind that you are unlikely to be asked every single one of the questions on the list and if you do encounter any other questions, please just let us know and we can add it below. We use a scheme as a basis but heavily adapt and move objectives etc around. Why do you do that? Our Year 6 SATs intervention packs are especially popular. Early years settings and schools, however, remain responsible for ensuring the safety and security of children in their care. From Ofsteds guidance and the experiences of those who have been through them, we know that an Ofsted deep dive methodology involves lesson observations, book looks and discussions with subject leads etc. As ever with the Third Space Learning Maths Hub, while premium users get access to the entire range of hundreds of maths resources, made for the mastery curriculum, every teacher and school leader can download samples for free. St Pauls Place, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JE. Please read our, Knowledge Organisers: What They Are And How To Use Them In KS1 and KS2, 2023 Ofsted Ratings and Reports Explained for Parents & Teachers, How Trent Primary Became An Ofsted Outstanding Primary School, Ready To Progress? This is up to schools to determine. Progress has been mentioned a lot during these Ofsted deep dives. request a personalised quote for your school, What Is A Spiral Curriculum: A Teachers Guide to What, How And When To Implement, Ofsted Crib Sheets Explainer:Training Guides For Ofsted Inspectors Now Free For All Schools, Primary Curriculum Design: Planning for Ofsteds Intent, Implementation and Impact. The EYFS Framework is the statutory document that all maintained and non-maintained schools, as well as nurseries and childminders either from the local authority or privately owned, must follow. The National Curriculum does not start in the EYFS, so inspectors wont expect or want to see discreet teaching in deep dive subjects. Morton Lane Bingley, BD16 2EP. It highlights how, for instance, some schools may have run Covid-safe provisioninvolvingno soft furnishings, dressing-up clothes, pillows or cosy spaces, and no sand or water. 1) What do you intend your children to know because of your EYFS curriculum? Nursery wide knowledge of the close supervision of any visitor without a full DBS check. What are the strengths/areas of development in your subject? What are you seeing? It has taken two years of development to create the new EYFS curriculum here at Cornerstones. Morton Lane Bingley, BD16 2EP. Phone +1 801-825-8961. She has created With advice valuable for staff, children and parents. Inspectors will want to understand how providers are continuing to meet this requirement if temporarily using the existing ratio flexibilities set out in the EYFS framework. Download a free sample of 6 weeks of Rapid Reasoning questions! Shonette is an outstanding EYFS and Year 1 practitioner and has designed a step by step simple and impacting programme (with a takeaway pack of resources) to help Teachers, TAs and Senior Leaders prepare for a deep dive of all seven areas of the EYFS. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 14) What safeguarding procedures are in place? Are you an existing Maestro customer looking for refresher training? Audience: EYFS, Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Teachers in Early Years, EYFS Leads What would you expect the teaching assistant to be doing during the lesson? You can change your cookie settings at any time. You can download your file by clicking the button below. One teacher even reported questions regarding STEM and STEM days. What do you do to support children who are struggling? How are end of term assessments fed back into teaching and learning? Inspectors will want to know how key stage 1 builds on the knowledge that children learn in the early years. At a recent Head teachers conference Paul Smith (Head of Quality and Control) said: Crossflatts Primary School So, Ofsted deep dives are a type of method or technique that Ofsted inspectors use to gain a deeper understanding of a school's curriculum. Some have questioned whether they should be tracking learning against the revised Development Matters. What was the home learning like in maths. The EYFS framework sets out seven areas of learning that should be covered. This can help identify which pupils will benefit most from thespecialist one-to-one maths interventions from Third Space Learnings maths tutors. Will the correct vocabulary for the topic be used? How does the lesson fit in with the overview for your subject? Inspectors have been particularly interested in how teachers are able to ensure maths progress for their pupils, and how schools are managing to bridge the gap in maths between key stages. WebThe EYFS makes it clear that the development of childrens spoken language underpins all 7 areas of learning. Wednesday 29th April 4-6pm There is no prescribed way of carrying out or recording assessments, as long as assessment is effective and helps childrens learning, development and progress. Wed like to thank the following teachers and school leaders for their responses to our questions, and their feedback about what an Ofsted deep dive means and incorporates. WebOfsted deep dives consist of 6 key features: Evaluation of senior leaders intent for the curriculum in their subject and their understanding of its implementation and impact. Continued Professional Development record and projected plan based on developing needs. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Specialist Software Built for Preschool Businesses. We will be doing maintenance to our website systems on Sunday, 31 January. What is in place for these children? In accordance with GDPR, your details will be stored securely, not shared with any other companies and you can opt out of our communications at any time. An Ofsted deep dive is an in-depth examination of a national curriculum subject by an Ofsted inspection team. For more information about Cornerstones early years projects, you can contact us on 03333 20 8000 or book a personalised demo here: Gill is a EYFS curriculum consultant at Cornerstones. However, inspectors will check that you are meeting the communication and language requirements set out in the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage. Does the teacher have strong subject knowledge? What questions will Ofsted ask me and my team? Ensure you and your team are confident and prepared in advance to allow the visit to give you opportunities to showcase what you do for your children and families day in, day out. 3) How do you ensure your staff has quality subject knowledge to deliver activities? General discussions in a maths deep dive have included the impact of lockdown, core content missed, remote teaching and access to concrete resources. Where is there evidence of what you have put in place and the impact it has had?